On Sunday, July 20, the Honduras Mission team from Brentwood Hills had the honor to worship with the family at the Kennedy congregation in Tegucigalpa.  Brentwood Hills has worked with the Kennedy church for many years, and the church family there has seen wonderful growth over the past few years.

On July 20, the first Elders and Deacons of the Kennedy church of Christ were installed.  Dick Garner and Jonathan Seamon were there to lead the service, and the following letter was shared with the congregation:

Dear Brethren,

On behalf of the Brentwood Hills Missions team who have worked closely with you
over the years, we thank God and congratulate you today upon the appointment of
elders and deacons. Robert Scott, Randy Perry, and I and our wives have
reflected on our first time with you when you were in the school building and
the excitement of seeing the facility you have developed and long used to God’s
glory. We are grateful for Calvin Henry encouraging us to look closely at your
potential to develop into a strong congregation.

We appreciate God’s direction to Brothers German, Rony, and others for
leadership over the years in maintaining peace and harmony and creating a
spiritual climate where all could grow in the Lord. We are especially grateful
for the men of the congregation who are to be formally appointed to serve as
elders and deacons and ask God’s special direction on them as they lead Kennedy
to even greater spiritual maturity.

We are grateful for the close attention Robert Scott continues to give your
work and for Mark Brewer’s attention over the years. You are such a blessing to
Johnathan Seamon and his team as they are enriched by serving with you and
worshiping with you each year. We are grateful for Dick Garner’s long
association with you and ask the Spirit to guide him and those being appointed
in this great day of celebration.

We at Brentwood Hills have been blessed by our association with you at
Kennedy and it is our prayer that God will use you likewise to lead and help the
new churches you have started to develop into great forces for Jesus in their

In Christ,
Jesse Clayton

We are grateful for the work God is doing through the family at Kennedy!  To him be all the glory!