Elders: J. Baugh, Rick Harris, Ronnie Hunter, Jon Lowrance
Staff: Jerry Kennedy, Walt Leaver, Andrew Leeper, Jonathan Seamon


-Contact: Jonathan Seamon
-Website, Family LifeLine, Office Volunteers, Volunteers to work in building or grounds

-Team:  Bill Barnes, Kevin Nelson
-Contact: Jonathan Seamon
-Budget planning, Finance issues, Contribution counting, Church vehicle maintenance, CDL-licensed drivers

Special Projects
-Contacts: Jerry Cover, Randy Wright

-Team:  J.D. Blackburn, Mark Brewer, Amberry Brown, Jim Himelrick, Perry Moore, Robert Scott, Jeff Whitehorn
-Contact: Perry Moore
-Domestic and foreign mission support and trips
-Disaster Relief
-World Christian Broadcasting
-Healing Hands International

-Team: Friday Blackwood, Barry Elkins, Linda Johnston, Jon Taylor
-Contact: Barry Elkins
-Food Pantry
-Hospital Care Baskets
-Morning Star Sanctuary
-Room In The Inn: Larry Johnson
-Benevolence needs of the church and community


Elders: Mike Canterbury, Mike Hammond, Burt Nowers, Ritchie Pickens
Staff: Walt Leaver, Jon Lowrance, Jonathan Seamon, Andrew Leeper, Josh Allen

Worship Planning
-Team: Chad High, Steve Rhodes
-Contact: Andrew Leeper
-Planning and conducting worship services
-Selecting participants
-Radio broadcast
-Video booth personnel
-Live streaming

Worship Support
-Team: Judy Crumbliss, Charlie Hale, Bob Morris, Eddie Puckett, Lydia Sullivan, Jerry Tucker
-Contact: Andrew Leeper
-Support staff for Worship Team
-Communion Preparation and Servers

Adult Education
-Team: Josh Allen, Terry Booker, Pat Carmody, Holli Dilks, Kyle Duke, Laurel Jones, Carol Lowrance, Jon Lowrance, Jonathan Seamon, Neika Stephens, Ann Stowe, Angie Wesley
-Contacts: Jon Lowrance, Josh Allen
-Bible class teachers and leaders
-Adult class curriculum
-University program

Men’s Ministry
-Team: Matthew McInteer, Jeff Parkinson, Joey Smith, Kerry Stiles, Travis Taylor
-Contact: Matthew McInteer
-Activities, events, and classes for the men of the congregation

Women’s Ministry
-Contact: Sarah Baugh
-Activities, events, and classes for the women of the congregation


Elders: Frank McCreary, Randy Perry, Greg Slagle, Tom Whitfield
Staff: Robbie Forrester, Emma Peyton, Clint Peyton, Jonathan Seamon, Teresa Brown, Amy Bowman, Kristin Green

Children (Birth-4th Grade)
-Team: Andy Estes, Matthew McInteer, Andy Parker, Greg Stegall
-Contact: Teresa Brown
-Classroom teachers and assistants
-Special needs assistants
-Nursery attendants
-Children’s Worship Training
-Sunday night programs, including Acts Class, Bible Hour, and Hallelujah Kids
-Vacation Bible School
-BHCC kids Info Center
-Resource Center
-Breakfast With Santa

Student Ministry (5th – 12th Grades)
-Team: Charles Dorris, Brigham Freeze, Jon Waldron
-Contacts: Robbie Forrester, Emma Peyton, Clint Peyton
-Nashville WorkCamp
-Fall & Spring Retreats
-Lads to Leaders
-Mission trips
-Classroom teachers and youth coaches

Church Wide Events
-Team: J. & Sarah Baugh, Bobby & Joy Brown, Tommy Clevenger, Woody & Mary Kate Fisher, Brant & Dana Lathem, Mike & Melissa Sansom, Mark & Sissy Simmons, Kerry & Kathy Stiles, Kelvin & Phyllis Sullivan, Trent & Kim Watrous, David & Janelle White
-Contact: Jonathan Seamon
-Family Retreat
-Weekly fellowship meals
-Brentwood Hills Christian Camp

-Team: Kevin & Keely Hagan, Paul & Shannon Heffington, Jeff & Jenny Hunter, Aaron & Miranda Kelley, David & Janina Tiner
-Contact: Aaron Kelley
-Special classes and events to strengthen marriages
-Counseling services


Elders: Alan Bradshaw, Bill Dickerson, Junior High, Wayne Stephens
Staff: Jerry Kennedy, Roberto Santiago, Jonathan Seamon

Local Outreach

-Team: John Beyer, Dick Garner, Mike Morello, Cesar Jimenez
-Contacts: Dick Garner, Mike Morello

-Contact: Mike Wiley

Inner City Ministry
-Team: Mary Kate Fisher, Barbara Hunter, Jeff Hunter, Jim Sutton
-Contact: Jeff Hunter

-Contact: Donna High

Love Bears
-Contact: Charlotte Hillis

Nolen Hills
-Team: Mark Bell, Craig Bowen, Brian Cooper, Trey Gay, Amos Jones, Carroll Moore, Jon Nettles, David White
-Contact: Jon Nettles

Membership Services

CARE Teams
-Contact: Katie Culberson

Life Groups
-Team: Josh Allen, Sarah Baugh, Joe Cottrell, Rick Harris, Jon Lowrance, Ritchie Pickens, Kerry Stiles, Rex Watson
-Contact: Sarah Baugh

-Contact: Kerry Stiles

-Contact: Trey Hartman, Danny Wise

-Contact: David Wilson

Greeters, Ushers, & Parking:
-Team: Barry Estes, Andy Flatt, Lee Mayo
-Contact: Andy Flatt

-Contacts: John Hillis, Rich Leipzig
-Activities, events, and classes for senior adults

Safety, Security and Medical
-Contact: Don Barker
-Medical Team
-Security Team
-Traffic Team