Purpose: to equip older adults to live out their Christian discipleship in significant ways that serve God and others despite health and other issues and to encourage obedience to God to bring him glory.

Vision: to help caregivers and their care recipients improve well-being by holistically addressing needs of these people through teaching and actively:

  1. Providing purpose – through involvement of serving the needs of others
  2. Addressing the need to feel valued – involvement activities, ambassador meals, caregiver support & training
  3. Improving relationship with God and others
  4. Enhancing socialization – pot luck dinners, communications, remembrances, visitation, and outings
  5. Encouraging spiritual growth – communion for shut-ins
  6. Supporting physical needs – transportation, fix-it services, training for life’s issues & activities, habitat support

Contact Terry Booker to seek help or get involved!

Specific Ministry Areas (Leader):

  • Communications (John Hillis)
  • Visitation (Vacant)
  • Outings (Tony Mickholtzick)
  • Communion for shut-ins (Vacant)
  • New Member Ambassadors (Earl & Martha Kincade)
  • Widows/Widower Care (Vacant)
  • GriefShare (Ralph Samples)
  • Caregiver Support (Vacant)
  • Fix-It Service (Dick Peugeot)
  • Transportation Service (Vacant)
  • Involvement (Terry Booker)
  • Habitat Support (Terry Booker)