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Love Bears…

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A love bear… Isn’t just a fabric toy stuffed with fiber fill, painted-on large eyes and a big red heart, and a Brentwood Hills sticker ironed on the back. A love bear becomes a soft toy to love and snuggle when a child is deathly ill and scared beyond our comprehension. A love bear becomes […]

Update for Hour 13

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      Those praying this hour are Tanae, Brandon, and Nick Murdic, Barbara and Jonathan Seamon.  Special prayers for our Grandview Ministry, First Grade, and the upcoming Thanks for Giving program.  They also continued to pray for members who’s last name begins with the letter “S” as we continue to pray for every family […]

Update for Hour 14

by 25 HOP

Editors Note:  Here is one of the lost hours…that we have found…enjoy!   Those hosting this hour of 25 Hours of Prayer are:  Matt & Marshall Luther, Charles Jones, Barbara Seamon and David, Janelle, Christopher & Jacob White. Theme for this hour:  Strengthen Our Families Group to Pray for: Family Ties Class & Student Ministries […]