• Main Auditorium: Revelation, Part 2 | Lamar Bowman
  • Cedar Room: Experiencing the Abundant Life of Jesus Through the Power of the Holy Spirit | Bob Brewer
  • FLC: Faithful Witness in Critical Times | Daniel Burnell & Josh Allen
  • Small Auditorium: Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones: The Lifetime Pathway to God-Honoring Righteousness | Mike Hammond
  • Reception: Stories from the 4 Gospels: Growing Closer to Christ | Trent Watrous
  • Room 305: A Path to Hope | Trey Hartman
  • Room 502: Israel: A Journey Through Time | Charlie Hale
  • Room 503/505: Planning to Live Our Best | Terry Booker
  • Conference: BHCC 101 | Jonathan Seamon
  • Room 301: Young Professionals
  • Room 507: Circle of Sisters
  • Room 504/506: Best Class Ever
  • Room 500: College

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Wednesday Adult Classes:
Main Auditorium Class – Walt Leaver
Men’s Class in the Cedar Room
Ladies Gathering Class in the Reception Room 
Veterans Class in room 301
Singing Class with Andrew Leeper in room 502
A Bible Study facilitated by Russ Nash in room 503/505
A Ladies Bible Study facilitated by Ann Stowe in room 504/506