We move into the final six hours….it is amazing how fast things go!  It is also going to be amazing if I can stay awake during two worship services and Sunday school.  I will be teaching during Sunday school…and I could put myself to sleep.

I have been taking 5-10 min. naps each hour…usually falling asleep while talking to my co-worker this shift–Jon Lowrance.  He will be talking to me…and I will drift away…only to wake up to ask him another question!

Meanwhile we have the father son(s) team in this hour…as Phil Irwin is here with his fourth graders Brady and Brock.  They are praying together!  What a great site!  I can hear the boys praying through the wall…it sounds great.  When they finish, they get a special treat…a trip to The Waffle House!

They are praying for our worship, worship leaders along with Children’s Worship Training—the leaders, the students and everyone involved with CWT.  They are also praying for the SHINE Ministry.