It is time for me (Jonathan) to settle in for the night!  I was here early this morning to get everything set-up and to kick-off the 25 Hours of Prayer.  I then left to be with family, to take care of some other business, attend a wedding—and while I was away—Judy Crumbliss, Suzanne Martin, Bert Paddock, Walt and Carol Leaver, Kristin Green, Jack Rivers and Robbie Forrester have been holding down the fort as our shift commanders.  Now Travis Taylor and Joey Smith have join the team…and we are awaiting the arrival of Jon Lowrance.

Meanwhile Alan Bradshaw and Tim Rhodes are praying this hour.  They are praying that we continue to be a church that uses our talents and gifts as we learn of God’s possibilities for our Journey.  They are also praying for Lads to Leaders and our Children’s teachers.  We are also praying for our widows and single parents this hour.

By the way, it is now Sunday morning….however as many are going to sleep tonight they are moving their clocks back one hour…so it is really still Saturday night!  By the way, one of our clocks has already moved back and hour…and we are waiting to see if the other clocks change at 2 am…stay tune!

By the way—Robbie did a great job posting pictures each hour…but he then deleted them..without knowing it….so I am going to try and re-post the pictures from a few hours:

Hour 14Hour 15Hour 13