We are so excited that you would like to begin the process of placing your membership with our church family.  If you will kindly complete each of the following New Member Information Forms below, they will be electronically delivered to the office administrator.  Once we receive them you will be contacted to set up an informal meeting with you and two of our elders.  These meetings are generally on Sundays before or after services.

At this meeting, we would also appreciate your allowing us to take a couple of photographs of your family for use in the church bulletin and in-house office use.

If you need assistance or would like paper forms to fill out please contact the church office 615-832-2541 or email Kathy@brentwoodhills.org.

It is a genuine pleasure to assist you in this important step of your commitment to the shepherding of our elders and to this wonderful church family.

Please complete each of the following:

Personal Information Sheet

Elders’ Information Form (One for each adult)

Ministry Match Form  (One for each adult)