We are so excited that you would like to begin the process of placing your membership with our church family and kindly ask that you complete the Information Form below.  Although we understand that scripture does not prescribe a particular procedure for this process, it is our fundamental belief that we will be able to best serve all who have such an interest by gathering information followed by a personal meeting.

While some of the information requested is of relatively private nature, you can be assured that it will be treated with complete confidentiality.  Our elders understand that all baptized believers, who are functioning members of this congregation, have willingly placed themselves under their oversight and into our pastoral care.  Our elders take their roles as shepherds very seriously and believe that every item in this form is essential to properly serve you and the other members of God’s church at this place.

If you have questions or need further clarification regarding any of the information items, please feel free to contact any member of the staff (615-832-2541) or any of the elders.  You will be contacted shortly after the completed form is returned to arrange a meeting with two of our elders.  These meetings are generally on Sundays before or after services, or during the Sunday school hour.

At this meeting, we would also appreciate your allowing us to take a couple of photographs of your family for use in our online directory and in our bulletin, “Highlights”, that is sent by email, as well as displayed that week on our rotating slides in the foyer and auditorium.

If you need assistance or would like paper forms to fill out, please contact the church office 615-832-2541 or email Kathy@brentwoodhills.org or you can stop by our information desk on a Sunday morning.

It is a genuine pleasure to assist you in this important step of your commitment to the shepherding of our elders and to this wonderful church family.

Please complete the following form:

Information Form

We also would like for each adult to complete the following at your convenience:

Ministry Match Form  (One for each adult)