“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.” – Sally Koch

Every small group has a mission field right where they live:  the people in your neighborhood, the people you work with or the people in your circle of influence with whom you interface throughout the week. Small groups are a great place to prompt members to begin praying for their neighbors and friends.  The group can even plan activities designed for building bridges with those who are not followers of Christ.

Very often we think of evangelism as something an individual does – inviting friends to church or sharing your personal faith with a friend.  But in a small group it can become a coordinated effort with all the group members. 

As your group gets to know each other, you can incorporate Evangelism into your group by:

  • Have each group member write down the names of people they want to share the gospel with.  Have someone compile a list of all the names and bring copies back to the group.  Ask the members to pray for all the names on the list and to report back any updates on progress.
  • Spend time helping members answer questions like “Why are you a Christian? Why do you go to church?  Why do you believe in God?”
  • Have your group can purchase supplies for Magi boxes and pack them together.
  • Have your group sponsor a child in Honduras, Baja, etc.  Or contact World Vision or Compassion International

As your group becomes more comfortable together, you can:

  • Purchase items for Thanksforgiving bags and deliver them to the families.
  • Have a prayer walk around your neighborhood.  Pray for your neighbors as you pass their house.  Be sure to wave or speak if you see them.
  • Raise money for a mission’s project or other need by having a group yard sale.  Advertise its purpose. (Ex. “Garage sale to benefit Venezuela” or “Yard sale to benefit Habitat for Humanity”)
  • Make a list of people you know that need to hear the good news.  Pray for them daily.  Can even pray for one person each day at a specific time (when you get up in the morning, at lunchtime, etc.)

Once your group has been up and running for a while, you may want to try these ideas:

  • Get involved in local outreach – Franktown Open Hearts, Habitat for Humanity, Graceworks, etc.
  • Go out to dinner as a group or as couples.  As your waiter brings your food, tell them you are about to pray and ask if there is something you can pray for them.  Pray with them, if they want.
  • Find a family in your community (not a church member) that needs work done on their home – yardwork, house cleaning, painting, etc.
  • Use a hobby or sport to reach seekers.  Challenge group members to think of ways to be intentional in their leisure activity to find ways to reach others.  A sports night with the men, a book club, etc.

Other ideas to consider:

English classes taught at Grandview.  Contact Jan Garner (jangarner@aol.com) for information on how to sign up to help.

World English Institute teaches English using the Bible to students all over the world.  You can find more information about this great program by going to http://www.worldenglishinstitute.org or email Lee Allen at ljallen1983@msn.com