While we cannot meet together, here are some resources you can access at home.

How can we serve you? Do you have a need? Can we pray for you? Click HERE to let us know. All needs will be kept confidential.

BH Camp Family – 

I know the BIG question on everyone’s mind these last few weeks (and months!) has been, “What about Camp?”.   Brentwood Hills Christian Camp has been a formative event in the lives of students and staff for 33 years now and we have been so blessed that you have been a part of it.

Tuesday night, the Camp Leatherwood Board of Directors made the very tough decision to suspend ALL summer camps for the 2020 season.  I know this is very disappointing to all but it is for the best interest of everyone involved.  The “social distancing” piece of this pandemic puzzle was just too big to overcome.

For some of you, this might bring on a sense of peace and relief.  We know that some of you were probably struggling with whether you were comfortable sending your student to camp.  For others, we know this is another tough pill to swallow in the middle of this COVID-19 situation.

Let me assure you of this, our Kids’ Ministry & Student Ministry will strive and continue to find new, creative ways this summer/fall to engage your students.  Please stay tuned to those plans.

Again, we know this is a disappointment, but we TRUST that God has a plan through all of this. Keep leaning in on Proverbs 3:5-6 (The Message).

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart: don’t try to figure out everything on your own.  
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; 
He’s the one who will keep you on track.” 

For those that have registered and paid for camp, your credit card will be reimbursed over the next month.  For those that signed up for staff, thank you for your willingness to serve and we would LOVE to have you serve us at BHCC 2021!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!  Each of you are loved and I look forward to serving with you in the future.

-Robbie Forrester
Brentwood Hills Christian Camp director

Walt presented a very encouraging and challenging message on Sunday. Here are some questions to ask yourself or discuss with your family as a thoughtful follow up to yesterday’s message:

What keeps me up at night?

Is God able to handle it?

Have I specifically prayed to God about it?

Have I thanked God for it?

Click HERE for a video message from our elders about the Roadmap to Reopening Nashville and how that affects Brentwood Hills. For your information, Nashville’s Roadmap to Recovery is linked HERE.

Many of our Brentwood Hills couples have been involved in Grace Marriage. Grace Marriage has created online classes during this time of being safe at home. And they’ve made them available to everyone.

Click HERE to watch Week 1.

Click HERE to watch Week 2.

Click HERE to watch Week 3.

Click HERE to watch Week 4.

Thank you, Andrew Leeper, for curating this beautiful collection of worship songs. Sing and worship anytime with this recording of songs!

Volume 2 is available now. Click HERE to listen.

 I thank my God every time I remember you.  – Philippians 1:3
Watch a message from Josh Allen about our Philippians study.
Click HERE for Lesson 1.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 2.
Click HERE for Lesson 2.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 3.
Click HERE for Lesson 3.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 4.
Click HERE for Lesson 4.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 5.
Click HERE for Lesson 5.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 6.
Click HERE for Lesson 6.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 7.
Click HERE for Lesson 7.

Click here for a video message on Lesson 8.
Click HERE for Lesson 8.

Click here for video message on Lesson 9.
Click HERE for Lesson 9.
This study is designed for you to share with everyone in your household. We hope you will read together and engage in discussion. 
The Bible Project video of Philippians is a great introduction to our study. You can find it HERE. The drawing from this is video is included in the lesson and would be a great coloring sheet for kids – and adults!

Right Now Media is a streaming video library of Bible studies and faith based videos. There are videos for kids, teens, and adults. Every Brentwood Hills member has access! If you don’t have an account yet, text “RightNow BHCoC” to 41411 or contact Judy.

Updates and Information

For continual updates, information, and a little fun, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Every Tuesday Jonathan, Amy, Katie, Sarah and other special guests chat for a few minutes to talk about what’s happening with BHCC while we’re all safe at home.

5-19-2020 Tuesday Talk

5-12-2020 Tuesday Talk

5-5-2020 Tuesday Talk

4-28-2020 Tuesday Talk

4-21-2020 Tuesday Talk

4-14-2020 Tuesday Talk

4-07-2020 Tuesday Talk

Thank you so much for your generosity at our Drop-Off Food Drive. With your  donations we were able to provide food and supplies to 100 families, and we gave a table full of supplies to Carpenter Square. Many thanks to our team of volunteers and Food Drive Captain Sarah Baugh!

We will have another Drop-Off Food Drive on Wednesday, May 27.

If you prefer to make a donation to the food drive, you can do by clicking here.

Kids’ Ministry
Ms. Teresa posts daily activities and challenges for our kids! Click to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Ms. Teresa and other Kids’ Worship volunteers create Kids’ Worship videos to enjoy at home. Click to watch and share with friends and family.

Kids’ Worship for 5-24-2020

Kids’ Worship for 5-17-2020

Kids Worship for 5-10-2020

Kids’ Worship for 5-3-2020
Kids’ Worship for 4-26-2020
Kids’ Worship for 4-19-2020
Kids’ Worship 4-12-2020
Kids’ Worship 4-5-2020
Kids’ Worship 3-29-2020
Kids’ Worship 3-22-2020

 Pray at Noon
Robert Gardenhire, minister at Schrader Lane church of Christ, made a request for churches throughout the Nashville area, to pray at noon every day for God intervention against the coronavirus. Click HERE to watch our prayer service with Robert.
We are all praying continually for God’s guidance through this crisis. We do encourage everyone to stop each day at noon and pray for Him to end this virus. Set a reminder on your phone to stop and pray every day.

Ladies’ Bible Class
Starting May 17, the Ladies’ Sunday school class will begin a Max Lucado series Anguish About Nothing. It is a five week study based on Philippians 4:6-7–“the most underlined passage in the Bible.”  If you would like to join our Sunday morning 9:00 Zoom meeting, please contact Susan Hale suehale@yahoo.com for login details.

Thank you to the ladies who have been so busy making masks! For masks to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus, you must wear and clean them properly. We made an instructional video for you on mask and glove safety. Click HERE to watch.
Click here for information from the CDC about masks.

If you need a mask, contact Sarah Baugh.

Online Giving
Thank you to many of you who are using online giving. If you haven’t done this before, click here for a video that walks you through it. You can also mail checks to 5120 Franklin Road, Nashville, TN 37220.

Communion Bread
While we’re staying safe at home, you might like to make your own communion bread. Joy Brown created a great video showing us how. Click HERE to watch.

Pen Pal Program
Looking for another way to connect to your church community?  Let’s go old school and start an intergenerational  Pen Pal program!  This will truly be “snail mail” pen pals, like we used to do before internet, smart phones, etc.
To become a pen pal, select one of the options below.  You will give your name, mailing address and a little bit about yourself.  You don’t have to answer all the questions; they are just to help you and your pen pal get the conversation started.  We will match you with a pen pal and send you each other’s information.  This will be a great way to not only keep us connected during this time, but you may develop friendships that will continue for years.
If you are 18 or younger, click here for your form.  Parents, feel free to help your children fill out their forms.
If you are over the age of 18, click here for your form.

Student Ministry Update
Follow BHSM on Instagram for updates and activities.
Clint, Emma, and Robbie have daily activities for our students, giving them a way to connect with God and each other during a time that can be very stressful and sometimes isolating.  Here is the schedule:
Monday – Spritual Discipline – We will be focusing on a different spiritual discipline each Monday. We will send out instructions/information on how to participate. 
Tuesday – Choose Day – We will be sending out a question over Instagram/text (Favorite Movies, Favorite Foods, etc.) to get students to respond and interact.
Wednesday – We will be emailing out a lesson that you can look through as a family or individually. It will be accompanied by a short video from a student minister, some questions, and charges. We will email these and also text the questions out to our students through our texting service.
Thursday – Servesday – Do an act of kindness around the house/neighborhood, send texts or letters of encouragement, etc. We will share some of our students’ acts of kindness that they send us via Instagram. 
Friday – Student Encouragement Day – We will be posting a few short videos from older high school students based on a scripture or something the Spirit is laying on their heart. We will post these to our Instagram and also attempt to send them out via email.
Saturday – Sabbath Saturday – Put your phone/controller down and spend some time unplugged. We know this will be a time when our students will be incredibly dependent on media. We want to use this day as a time to remind them to be in scripture personally or with their family and if possible outside or being active in some way.
Sunday – Sermon by Walt – We will send out a few questions that you can ask your kids/yourself and possibly have family discussion. It is an opportunity to add a new layer to our Sundays. We will send these out over email!