In the midst of the Corona Crisis, their life is already in turmoil and their turning to the Living God only increases problems EXPONENTIALLY!!!
Thankful for the work of our team and for the commitment of these souls irrespective of the external circumstances!
Thankful for you both for your continued prayers and partnership!

Praying that all is well with y’all after the recent tornado that went through Nashville area! We are praying for all the affected ones and for the church in Nashville area as they provide hope at this time of desperate urgency! 
We also pray that the corona virus is not rampant in that part of the world. We have few cases here in India but no where closer to where we are. 
But as you know we have serious political issues with the government and many agitations going on in the North (we are in the South)! Please pray for us!
I want to share these few photos of the new Christians here in India! Please pray for us and the entire work that the Lord is accomplishing here in India! 

Dear brethren,
Praying that all is well with y’all!Here is a brief update I posted from this morning:

FEW MORE IMMERSEDPlease pray for these new brothers and sisters and their new life!Please also pray for the work here given the situation with the Coronavirus. India has well over 100 recorded cases and we have one in our state. We are being extremely cautious in all of our congregations. We did conduct an awareness session for your team of workers due to the nature of our travels to far and distant places here in India and few of the adjacent countries. ONE MAJORCONCERN to which we do not really have a solution is how to handle multiple baptisms like the ones this morning. 
Indian government is beginning to close schools, malls, etc. Many individual states have already done that. Many of the crowd gathering events were already cancelled or postponed. 
We join with y’all in prayer on this National Day of Prayer!

UPDATE – June 6, 2020

It was more than hectic few weeks here in India. On top of the COVID-19, two massive typhoons battered us, one of them as we are told was the worst in 129 years. 

Here are a few highlights– 

(1)  With 800 people trying to get in & out of our Academy where we give food, we almost had STAMPEDE. Thankfully police helped clear the hungry crowds.  

(2)  Following day few thousand people showed up. A GROUP TRIED TO ENTER the campus for food. Some of us had to take care of that as well. 

(3)  Then this morning I was called to another emergency: the mother of one of our team member needed urgent intervention for BREATHLESSNESS, etc.

(4)  20 street dogs ATTACKED & KILLED a five year old girl – that’s two days ago. Thus, Hindus began to believe that gods of animals/nature are upset with them.

(5)  Then today we rescued a baby from DOGS THAT WERE EATING HER at a trash pile. She is in serious condition. We do not even know who the parents are.  

(6)  In two weeks our graduates and students WELCOMED 84 SOULS into God’s family. A sample photo is here & many others are posted on my Facebook page.

(7)  WE CONTINUE TO PROVIDE over 1000 cooked meals daily, rice bags and groceries for few hundred families, emergency healthcare, etc.  Thank you very much for the continued prayers, encourage and the partnership we have with y’all in helping further the Gospel!


Two families with whom our brethren have been studying during this lockdown accepted the Gospel!!! What a tremendous blessing it is to witness the radical change in those who I never thought would teach and preach are now helping redeem souls for God! Please pray for them and all of us!Thank you for the continued prayers for our team who are coordinating various activities to display the love of our LORD.

Dear brethren,
Praying that y’all are doing well, especially at this time of unrest and uncertainties at this time of riots and COVID!
Some of what we are witnessing is daunting and discouraging yet we are also seeing some good for the glory of our Lord! And here is one such thing – a group of dozen Hindus being immersed for the remission of sins and commit their lives for Jesus and to walk with Him! 
We continue to pray for y’all the folks in your area! In recent times there have been few deaths of the people that I have known. We are fervently lifting y’all up in prayers day and night! When it rains, it pours – is never truer than the current times! 
Please continue to pray for us and the work here in India

AN UPDATE FROM INDIA Our team is working closely to provide training, guidance and direction to our new Christians so that they can engage folks around them for the cause of Christ. 
We believe that training our brethren in entrepreneurial endeavors will be a great way to move forward especially at this time. 
We also believe that providing opportunities and assistance to begin new businesses will be of immense value in this current economic turmoil. 
We fully believe that through the equipping of our brethren both to establish entrepreneurial enterprises and to help train them in small business development we can bring in a radical growth and radical Christ-honoring transformation in the least-reached communities of India. 
We fully believe that this will help plant many more congregations in places where they do not currently exist. This will be true even in places with radical Hindu and Muslim presence that did not entertain anything about Christianity. 
We thank God for the partnership we have with y’all in this great mission of our Lord. Please continue prayers for all of us, especially that God will guide us in order to accomplish much for His glory and fulfill His will. 
Here is a group of 8 newly immersed Hindus. Many Hindus and Muslims are being immersed on a daily basis. For more updates, Please follow India work on Facebook @

UPDATE – June 27, 2020 In an interesting turn of events my Dad, my brothers and I were in a village away from home to follow up on a few individuals. The driving was pretty much on off the road conditions. Then after a while we parked the car and walked and then crossed a creek to meet our contacts. On the way back we hurried as dark clouds came upon us. In no time it began to rain cats and dogs and we got soaked in it. It was beautiful in the countryside to watch. But once we got in the car & drove for a few yards, our car got stuck in mud & even the 4WD is of no help. It was already dark and heavily raining so we began to wonder if we will get to spend the night in the car in the middle of nowhere! 

It reminded us of a similar event when a missionary, Mr. Graham Staines and his two sons were killed. They were ministering to a group of leprosy patients and had to spend the night in their van. During the middle of the night radical Hindus light up the van and killed all three of them. It was a decade ago and far away in the north from where we are, but it is still fresh on our minds. Though our area is pretty safe, at times we do travel in areas that are far from our comfort zones!After sitting in car for an hour, 6 men saw our condition and helped push the car for a mile and trying not let it go off the road as the road was very soggy and hardly 15ft. wide. They pushed the car until we got to a point where the road was ok. We thanked the men for their great help. Though all of us were praying silently, my Dad offered a prayer of thanks once we got on the highway!  All four of us are safely back home! The most happiest of all – due to the fear of persecution, waiting deep into darkness to immerse, we witnessed the redemption of EIGHT Precious souls! Please pray for them and all of us as we seek souls for the Savior! 

UPDATE – July 12, 2020 Teachers and Students Making a Huge Difference

4 families in one town & 3 in another are highlighted today. Over the past few months they have been worshipping at their houses due to COVID and reached out to 385 families, in the midst of whom they are shining like lights. God through your generosity & their diligence and faithfulness, is providing hope to 385 families. This is massive!

These 7 families, our team and these 385 families are requesting help to continue this great outreach in terms of financial, human and spiritual resources! 

For these 385 families: – We plan on providing food, groceries, rice bags, any medical assistance, etc. 

For these 7 Christian families: – We also plan on providing human capital to help follow up, counsel and study with all these families. We invite you to partner with us to not only display the love of our Lord to these families but more importantly also to lead them to the Bread of Life and the Living Water!!! Please pray and participate! 
Here are the pictures of our students and teachers who along with their families are making all the difference for those 385 families! 
The other picture is of a dozen Hindus who turned to the Lord through their efforts! 

We continue to pray for y’all to be safe and healthy! Here is a group of newly immersed mostly Hindus and a few Muslims! Please pray for them and all of us seeking souls for the Lord! We just cannot thank y’all enough for the prayers and partnership! Please continue prayers for all of us here!

We pray that this update finds y’all well at this time. Our family’s health is better and we are recovering well though exhaustion & weakness continues to hinder our former pace. 

Right before my entire family fell ill, God’s grace and providence afforded us to divide the entire team into different groups with no physical contact. That way, if one of us gets sick, others can move forward. If not, the entire work would be grounded for weeks. 

Our team quickly developed creative ways to meet people & communicate the Gospel to many souls. 

1.    Tangibly demonstrating God’s love to thousands of Hindu and Muslim families around us – meals, groceries, rice bags, etc.

2.    Devotionals & weekly lessons reached over half a million souls online thus far.

3.    Our TV Program is extremely vital. Viewership is up 10X & are seeking answers to current affairs, spiritual questions, and requesting Bibles for personal study. Our team continues to be diligent & hold back nothing to get the job done. 

We humbly request you join us in interceding on behalf of our team to be effective ministers in light of these many newly opened doors. We are fully convinced that these opportunities that God placed in front of us are conduits of providing hope, peace, grace, deliverance, and the Gospel of eternity to those around us!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers that our lives to be fruitful for the Father and also for the guidance, discernment, and providence to move forward in accomplishing His purposes! Due to the efforts of our Preacher training students, Many COVID recovered folks who were helped through our Free Clinics are becoming Christians.