Senior Appreciation Week: May 3 – May 9  

Handwritten Letters – We will be delivering handwritten letters to seniors. We want to invite you all to write a letter or two or 35 🙂 We have placed a dropbox outside the student wing door to drop them off. We know shipping costs are going up and it might be difficult to address them all.  If you have any letters for our seniors please drop them off by Monday, May 4th.

Senior Sunday Substitution – As most of you know, this Sunday was supposed to be our Senior Sunday. We typically set up tables and give them the mic to share their appreciation for those at BHCC. Obviously, we will be unable to do that until later in the summer at the earliest. This is obviously less than ideal for college freshman and their parents planning their dorm rooms and needs for their first semester. We put our minds together and came up with an alternative that we feel like is safe and will be a memorable experience.

Grad Gift Trunk Drop-Off – Sunday, June 7th from 2:00-4:00. Our seniors will lineup their cars around the upper lot at BHCC and decorate their trunks/label them with names. They will then gather for a meal in the lower bowl of the parking lot, enjoying time together as a grade.  During this time, members will be able to drop-off gifts in their trunks. This will provide an opportunity for those who would like to give a senior gift without the fear of having too many people congregated around tables in the FLC. This is totally optional.  We just thought this might be a fun, memorable option for them and would also allow them to process what they still need for college, all the while being safe! Please don’t feel pressured to give if your family has hit financial stress due to Covid-19.  We know this is an unprecedented time and don’t want to add any extra burden. We are just doing our best to honor our seniors in the space that we are in.

Here is a list of our seniors –
Hannah Blackburn, Ryan Caldwell, Taylor Caldwell, Tyler Chitty, Tucker Cromwell, Zara Dorris, Ethan Edgley, Stiles Edwards, Cooper Finch, Kristen Freund, Maria Gilbert, Ashleigh Godley, Will Grogan, Ellie Hammond, Mimi Herring, Houston High, Carter King, Ansley Kircher, Ollie Land, Eden Lathem, Charlie Ledford, Trey Ledford, Walker Lifsey, Maddox Malone, Grant Moore, Maddie Nelson, Will Nixon, Annabelle Parrish, Will Robertson, Graham Sansom, Carmen Schmittou, Sophie Snow, Sarah Katherine Steen, Anna Kate Thurman, Jazlyn Trail, Jenna Wesley.