Wednesday evenings are at great time to be at BHCC! Check out all the different class options below. See you Wednesday!

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5:45 p.m. – POWER Class in the Main Auditorium
Join Jesse Gough and take “A Fresh Look at Some Familiar Scriptures”

6:30 p.m. – Classes for all ages
Adults – Main Auditorium with Walt Leaver
Imagine (Men’s class) – Cedar Room with Kerry Stiles and guest speakers
The Gathering (Women’s class) – Reception Room with Martha Lynn Crawford, Rebekah Parker, Keeley White, and guest speakers
Ladies’ Bible Class – Room 500 with M.E. Hall and Ann Stowe
College Students – Room 605 with Alan Bradshaw
A Practical Guide to Culture Follow-Up Discussion – Room 507 with Kevin Burns
Singing Class – Room 506 with Andrew Leeper
Single Professionals – Room 505 with Larry Johnson
Veterans – Room 301 with Fred Frawley

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Contact Teresa Brown to learn more about bhcc kids and our classes for infants through 5th graders.