Welcome to Brentwood Hills Student Ministries

The Brentwood Hills Student Ministry exists to EQUIP our students in their faith, to ENCOURAGE each other on their walk with Christ, to challenge the mature to EXPERIENCE God’s purpose for their life through ministry and to EXPOSE their non-believing friends to Christ.

Due to security concerns, information about students and student activities is no longer included on the website. If you need information, contact one of the student ministers or call the church office (615) 832-2541.

Sunday Morning – Fall Quarter Classes

  • 6th Grade – Room 403 – Snapshots of the New Testament
  • 7th Grade – Room 402 – LIVE: Year One – Knowing
  • 8th Grade – Room 401 – LIVE: Year Two – Growing and Going
  • 9th Grade – Rooms 404/405 – Acts and the Early Church
  • 10th Grade – Room 604 – Acts and the Early Church
  • 11th Grade – Room 603 – Acts and the Early Church
  • 12th Grade – Room 602 – Preparing for the Next Step

Wednesday Evening – Fall Quarter Rotation

All 6th-12th graders meet at 6:30 on Wednesdays in the Student Center lobby.  Each week the students will experience a special class or small group time led by ministers, adult volunteers, and students.

Brentwood Hills Student Ministry Staff:
Clint Peyton – 615-832-2541 ext. 609, or 502-439-4518 – student minister
Emma Peyton – 615-832-2541, ext. 247, or 615-476-6488 – student minister
Robbie Forrester – 615-832-2541 ext. 233, or 615-566-3395 – student minister

Links to Student Forms: 

Student Activity Form

Student Data Form

Liability Form

BHSM Modesty Code