Fellowship groups are coming back!  Starting in February, you have a chance to meet once a month with other BHCC members for four months for a meal and fellowship.  This program is open to ALL members – young, old, married, single, with or without children.  We want everyone to participate!

WHAT ARE FELLOWSHIP GROUPS? Fellowship Groups consists of 4 individuals, couples and/or families.  You will meet once a month from February – May for a meal and fellowship. While most groups find meeting for Sunday lunch convenient, your group can meet whenever it suits you.  The purpose of the meeting time is to get to know new people and deepen relationships with members you already know.

ARE FELLOWSHIP GROUPS REPLACING LIFE GROUPS?  Absolutely not!  The purpose of Life Groups is to grow disciples through Bible study, prayer and outreach.  Fellowship groups help build intergenerational relationships among our members.  If you are in a Life Group you can also be a part of Fellowship groups.  If you are not in a Life Group then Fellowship groups may help you develop relationships with members that can lead to forming a Life Group.

WHERE WILL WE MEET?  Each month you will meet at a different member’s home.  If you are not able to host in your home, you are welcome to call the church office and reserve space at the building when it is your turn to host. Meals will be kept simple.  The host can either provide the meal or asked each member to bring a dish. Paper plates are encouraged!

WHO CAN BE IN A FELLOWSHIP GROUP? ANYONE.  Whether you are single, single again, married, empty nester or chasing toddlers, EVERYONE is encouraged to participate.  If you sign up as an individual, you can request to be put in a group with a friend.  Couples and families will be assigned groups together.

HOW DO I SIGN UP?  CLICK HERE to sign up.  The sign ups are open until January 6th.  The Group leaders will be notified by January 21st of the members of their group and they will contact the members.

Wait, what’s a group leader?  A group leader is the coordinator for their group.  They will contact the other members of the group and coordinate when and where the group will meet each month, based on input from its members.

If you have any questions or have trouble signing up online, please contact sarah@brentwoodhills.org.