Weekly Class Outline- Spring 2017

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Brochure Spring 2017

SUNDAY CLASS LISTINGS for Spring Quarter 2017

  • A CLOSER WALK                          Teacher: John Young                             Room 503/505

Leaders: Don Barker and Jonathan Taylor

A small discussion type class with members of all ages and stages of life.

  • BABY BOOMERS                          Teacher:  Hank Staggs                            Main Auditorium

Leaders:  Wayne Stephens

Age range 50’s and 60’s, most have adult children and are grandparents.

  • BELIEVERS                                   Teacher: Terry Booker                               Room 507

Leaders: Forrest Gardner, Aaron Kelly, Robert Trail

Age range from Mid 30’s to Mid 40’s, with children ranging from elementary school to middle school.

  • COLLEGE                                          Teacher:  Johnny Dorris                         Room 605

Leaders:  Alan Bradshaw, Johnny Dorris

All current college and university students.

  • ENCOURAGERS                             Teacher:  Buzzy Neil                                  Conference Room

Leader:  Mark Brewer

A small discussion type class with member of all ages and stages of life.

  • FAITH BUILDERS                        Teacher:  Greg Brown                                Room 504/506

Leader:  Rick Story, Brant Lathem

An adult class with a diverse range of ages (mostly 40’s – early 50’s) and family situations (married, widows, single) whose children range from elementary to college.

  • FAMILY TIES                                  Teacher:   David Tiner                               Room 502

Leader:  Jeff Parkinson

An adult class with a diverse age range from late 40’s to late 50’s.  Most have teenage to college age children, some with married children and grandchildren.

  • FRIENDSPEAK                              Teacher:  Mike Wiley                                   Room 501

Leaders:  Betty and Mike Wiley

A class for individuals of any age with English as their second language.

  • HEART OF THE MATTER          Teacher:  Canterbury/Speck                 Room 301

Leaders:  Russell Slagle

A class for engaged couples and couples married for less than 5 years and without children.

  • IN THE BEGINNING                     Teacher:  Trey Hartman                          Room 306 (Cedar)

Leaders:  Will Parker, Jacob Arthur, Deke Berlin

Most couples are in late 20’s to mid 30’s and have been married from 2 to 8 years.  Some couples have children ranging from newborn’s to early elementary school.

  • KINGDOM SEEKERS                    Teacher:  Ritchie Pickens                        Family Life Center- A

Leaders:  Greg Stegall

Most couples in this class  are in their mid 30’s to 40’s and most are families with children from infants to teenagers.

  • PULSE                                               Teacher:  J Baugh                                             Room 305

Leader:  Chris Tompkins

A class for graduate students and young professionals who are single.

  • SANCTIFIED                                    Teacher:  Cory Calendine                            Small Auditorium

Leaders:  Jeff Hunter, Josh Terry, Craig Bowen

Age range from 30-39 with most everyone with children ranging from newborn’s to late elementary school.

  • SINGLE PROFESSIONALS          Teacher:  Larry Johnson                           BHSM Den

Leader:  Larry Johnson

A class for professionals, mostly single with an age starting at 30.

  • SON SEEKERS                                 Teacher: Mike Hammond                            Reception Room

Leader:  John Thweatt

Age range is mid 50’s and above with most being parents and grandparents of younger members.

  • TIED TOGETHER                         Teacher: Rick Harris                                       Family Life Center- B

Leader:  Paul Heffington

A service oriented group of parents transitioning to the empty next phase of life with children in high school and college.  Highly engaged, transparent, small group discussions.

  • WOMEN’S CLASS                           Teacher:  Susan Hale                                        Room 500

Leader:  Susan Hale

A small discussion class for women of all ages.