I (Jonathan) have been able to rest a little for the past four hours.  (that is if you call taking a few naps on the floor of my office resting)!  I do really appreciate Joey, Jeff and Travis—for several years they have agreed to help during the “grave yard” shift!  That allows me to get a little rest…and then I am ready to help take us home.  Pat Chaffin has joined me this morning as the Shift Commander for the final four hours of our 25 Hour of Prayer.

The prayer room is very cool or should I say cold.  I have turned the heat up—but I am not sure the heat is working—so I hope we can make it through the next few hours…since we have awaken to another cold morning.

Three of our Pulse Class members—Clint Brumit, Chris Tompkins and Jay Dorris are praying this hour.  Their overall theme this our is to pray for our shepherds/elders—to pray for the women’s class that will meet in a few hours and to pray for our hospitality team—greeters, ushers, etc.

Hopefully their prayers will warm their hearts and the room!Hour 22